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Here are a couple of skirts I made with my stash pile.  Kate is getting particular about her comfort and when my daughter mentioned that she hates wearing jeans and always wants to wear the yoga pants her grandma gave her because they are so comfy, I decided to try to make her a skirt that would feel as comfy.  With something so small size is a challenge.   As it turns out, I will have to take about 2 inches off both of the top bands the next time I make them.  I tried to make one for Caroline who is nine months already.  These are too wide, so maybe they will fit at the end of the summer.  The good news is that they assemble quickly and it will be easy to adjust the waist band size.  I think I may try a ruffle next time as well.


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This winter I was fortunate enough to get involved in the Pillow Talk Swap on flickr hosted by Sewdearlyloved and alamodefabrics.  We were broken up into 3 sub-groups and then given a blind swap partner.  Our job was to create a pillow that our partner would like based on the photo collage they put together and posted on the site, along with stalking (in the nicest way) the blog/website and photostream of that person. 

My partner turned out to be a person who loves art, words, ampersands and the color green.  At least she had lots of things that were green.  So, I came across a paper pieced template for an ampersand here.  I brought the small template to Staples and kept enlarging it until I was happy with a size that would fit onto an 18″ pillow front. 

The paper template came in 3 pieces, so that was my starting point.  I had to make sure it would turn out well, otherwise I needed to change directions.  Here are a couple of pictures:

 You can see my little bit of starch build-up here.  I managed to get rid of it before I put the piece into the pillow.  I just used more water after the initial pressing.

These were my initial fabric choices. 

I had a large 1/2 yard stash of Meadowsweet by Sandi Henderson that I intended to make dresses with, but once I began stalking, I knew these colors would be great for my partner.

Here is a picture of the final pillow, front and back.

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Gretta asked for fussy cut flowers in the center and then 2 inch log cabin borders around the flower.  I pulled from my stash so that I could keep a color scheme going and tried not to use other floral prints that would detract from the center flower.  One block is very citrus looking and the other is more like cotton candy.  They will be in the mail tomorrow.

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I purchased this pattern from Katie Cupcake Pattern Co.  in December from the Fat Quarter Shop and I think it came out sooo cute! It is the kind of outfit my daughter in law would love. PS -Happy almost birthday Kim!
Here is the skirt I made from fabrics in my stash.  It is a size 3/4 so I am hoping it fits well.

Then I purchased a couple of plain white tees and decided a top to match would be great. I tried to incorporate the bottom print, but it is just too large, so I stayed with the blue.  The appliques are still damp because I was wiping off the soluble marker.

Here they are together.

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I am getting motivated by the amount of sunshine lately!  Here are a couple of dresses I made this week for the girls. last year I saved all the knot dresses and gave them as part of Katie’s Easter Basket.  This year Kate is a little older and if she sees something on the TV (really the computer screen 🙂 ), she wants it right away.  My daughter may have to stop sharing the pics on the blog for a while  or  I might not have such an exciting Easter Basket surprise for her this year. 

This was my second Portabello Pixie pattern and I am finding that they run a little on the small side.  The fuchsia and green dress from a couple of weeks ago was a snug fit going over Kate’s head when she tried it on this week.  This pattern is a little less fitted and I think it will be fine for the spring.  From now on I will go up a size.  Caroline’s is a 6-12 month size and she won’t be 1-year-old until May, so I think that will be fine as well. 

Here is a picture of the backs.  I wish I had paid attention to the hangers and made sure they matched.  And another thing…I should have waited until I had some orange thread before I top-stitched on Caroline’s dress.  I am not really loving the off-white thread.  😦

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