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Purchased a new battery charger and I’m ready to go.  I have not been taking pictures, but I have been sewing lots.  I will try to spread out the posts this week so I don’t bombard the blog with 3 posts per day!

I mentioned in my “oh dear” post that I also purchased some fabric with bird cages on it.  Well, the same day that I shopped at Wish Upon a Quilt, I chose lots of fabrics to go with my Tweet Tweet.  I can’t help but be excited about the fun colors in this combination.


I am putting in a large picture so you can really see how fun these prints are.  Don’t you just love the green with the bird footprints!  I am pretty sure that pattern is from the Nesting line, but it fits so well with the colors.  Here is a smaller picture so that you can see the birdcages as well.


I don’t really have a plan for this quilt just yet…I am thinking about some wonky squares with the cages as the center.  The reason I hesitate is because the wonky squares need to be done individually, cutting and pressing as you go…seems like lots of work.  Maybe someone out there knows of a faster way.   I have a pattern I purchased for wonky squares, but it requires fat quarters where you line up four different prints and cut them all the same.  Then you move on to 4 more fat quarters and cut them differently from the first 4 and so on.  You then rearrange the separate parts of the sets in order to make several combinations.  Even that seems like lots of work.  I will have to think about this.

Finally decided not to make the wonky squares because the bird cages are so small.  So, I started cutting my strips and making a plan.  Still in the works, but this is how it is coming along.

The cage squares are only 3.5 inches…pretty tiny



I made three sets of strips in all fabric choices.  They range from 1.5″ to 2.25″.

I saved the selvages in case I needed additional fabric…which I did!  I am not a big selvage fan, although I think they are attractive I don’t want to sew with them.



All packaged up and ready to take home.  All this cutting was done at the beach : )

I will keep you posted on this colorful project.


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