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It is time for the Blogger’s Festival.

This is the quilt that I chose as a favorite to enter into the festival. I made this for my son’s girlfriend when she graduated from college.

Her mother’s side of the family is Greek and so I thought Anna Maria Horner would be a great choice since she talks about being inspired from her childhood trips to Greece. Alex’s family still maintains an apartment in Greece-so everything seemed to fit. I had never worked with so much pattern and color before, but I had a little help from a lovely lady at the “Sewing in the Carolina’s” quilt shop. She suggested putting the florals on the borders of each block and the geometric prints in the center. I brought in the stash of AMH and she helped me find the coordinating fabrics for the centers. The back is really different, but all together is really works.

This is my #1 favorite hit on my flickr photostream.
If you are interested in the process of this quilt, I posted about  it here and  here.
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The Process Pledge

When I first started really adding posts to this blog, it was the summer. The summer is when I have lots of free time to spend on my hobbies. Last summer I was working on completing Alex’s quilt with all those colors and I blogged about the process of choosing the fabrics, colors and designs. I wondered if anyone would be interested in the process…I know Alex read about it, but did anyone else care?
But now, Rossie has started a Process Pledge and is encouraging everyone to discuss the planning and process of quilting from start to finish. So, I will try to do more-not too wordy, but more.

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I am almost finished working on my bee blocks for May.  For the Fussy Cut Bee we have VW Campers~  The first block is 9.5 and the second is 12.5  We were asked to make squares or rectangles in increments of 3″ (and allowing for the extra 1/2″ on unfinished blocks).

The next block is for my Red & Aqua Bee.  This pattern was enlarged to make a 16″ block.  This is a paper-pieced pattern.

And for the 1 Year 12 Quilts Bee, Susan asked for 8 pointed stars.  I found a pattern in an older 100 blocks magazine and started in making the 2 blocks she requested.  As it turned out, the pattern was for an 8″ block.  Maybe she can use them on the back or add a border to make it 12″.  Then I thought I found a pattern online, but when I made that one I realized it was an 8 inch too, even though the directions clearly stated it was a 12″ block-the instructions for cutting pieces were incorrect.  So, finally I purchased something called the “Quick & Easy Block Tool from C&T Publishing.  It looks like a stack of laminated cardstock that fans out-similar to a stack of paint swatches. It is not a book. It comes with 102 rotary-cut quilt blocks in 5 sizes.  I located the block I needed (#77) and was finally able to get a 12 inch 8 point star block for Susan.  I am really glad Susan sent lots of fabric. 

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I know that someday I will be estatic that I have stashed away so much Neptune by Tula Pink.  Everytime I am in a store that has any yardage I buy more.  There are some prints I love more than others, but when it is all put together…it is a fabriholic’s dream.  Here is the latest 1/2 yd. cuts I added to my stash.

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Well, I don’t mind telling you that I heart my Bernina 930.  She is 30 years old and I really love that machine.  But, the Bernina Stork has delivered a new baby to my home and I couldn’t be more excited.  I am moving from the mechanical age to the electronic.  There is a quite a learning curve and I need to learn how to take advantage of all the features, but the journey will be fun. 

Here is a picture…I have never named my machines, but I just might have to give this one a special name.  I quickly put it on my sewing table, but I think I will move my old one back.  All this <learning how to use it> is putting a crimp in my sewing time ; )

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After all the fun I had with a Blind Pillow Swap on Flickr,  I joined a Home Goods Swap.  This swap is also a blind one.  I worked to figure out what type of fabric would make this particular sewer really happy and ended up with these.

I had purchased a few patterns that I showed in this post, and I ended up using the oven mitts and the apron.  The cups were a natural choice for the oven mitts, and then I used the import fabric and 100% linen for the work apron.  I am putting them in the mail tomorrow.  I waited for the rain to stop so I could get a nice outdoor shot.

I made the trivet out of some of the scraps.  I also searched through my stash of vintage buttons to find the right combination.  Here is a pic of the selection process.

Here is a picture of the basket.

And all the goodies inside.

Then the apron.  This is a working apron, not the type you would cook while wearing.  I had to shop several times for colors to go with the both the tea cups and the scooters.  I don’t have an abundance of orange, bright yellow &/or avacado green. 

Here it is all finished.  The tiny bindings were a real challenge.  My poor old machine was struggling a bit.  I am mailing them out tomorrow.  Hope my secret partner really likes them!
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The first part of my recent order arrived today! Woohoo!! I have three more to look forward to-and one is the new Joel Dewberry book!

Life is good.

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