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I visited my daughter-in-law in the month of July and one of the things we looked forward to during the visit was a fabric shop nearby that was supposed to have all the fun fabric lines we love.  So, we drove to the shop and weren’t we surprised to find out that it really isn’t a quilt shop.  The store is  Sew Blessed and it specializes more in children’s clothing.  We had a great time!  Kim is fat quarter obsessed, so she spent her time making FQ decisions.  I was more interested in the array of patterns.  This shop had more unique patterns than I had ever seen.  After spending a few hours (and I mean literally), we went home happy.  Well, sort of happy.  I kept thinking about the one pattern I liked so much and didn’t buy.  Thankfully, I have a super nice daughter-in-law and she agreed to go back to the shop the next day.  This sunsuit (#132) is not the exact one I wanted (they were out of #115, which is a bubble suit), but I knew that I  could make this sunsuit work. 


I chose the fabric line Al Fresco because of the amount of scrap fabric I had and because I knew Kate had a smock dress I had made from this line as well.  This way the girls could be somewhat matching (which my daughter seems to like).


As you can see, this pattern has several sizes -3 month all the way to 24 months.  I decided to make a copy on freezer paper because I knew that this was a pattern I wouldn be using over and over.


Now I have my own pattern in 3 month size and  I am able to save the original pattern.    The outfits in the store  had really cute pins, buttons, trims and bows.  I found this tutorial from Pink Paper Peppermints and used it for a pin to place on the bodice of this sunsuit. 


And here is the final sunsuit all ready for Caroline to wear.



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While visiting my daughter-in-law, I was sharing an idea from the summer issue of Quilts & More Magazine about a wall collage using quilting fabric.  She had told me that she really wanted to do something with the large empty wall behind the sofa.  She and my son bought a new home in April and Kim has been doing as much decorating as a newly married couple’s budget will allow (I remember those days!). 


 On our excursion to the fabric store Sew Blessed, Kim spent lots of time trying to come up with some Amy Butler combinations for a type of collage that would coordinate well with her sofa, furnishings, and the paint colors in her new home.  She finally chose 4 different designs.  She wanted to make sure that is would not be too feminine. 


Below you can see that only one print contained flowers and a little pink, not too girly!


We went online and registered for both Michael’s and Hobby Lobby coupons.  This collage we were thinking about would require at least 4 and perhaps as many as 6 artist’s canvases.  We borrowed an electric staple gun from her uncle, purchased our canvas frames each day (coupons are only good for- one per  person, one purchase per day) and began a 2 day project.  I did not take pictures during the process (sorry about that), but at least you can see the end result.  I was in charge of the mitered corners and the stapling.  We put a couple of beach towels on the dining room table and that became our work space.  Kim had the job of applying 2/3 coats of decoupage (we chose satin finish) to the frames.  We did a small one as a sample using fabric that coordinated in her laundry room.  This was a good idea because I was able to practice the mitered corners and know how tight to staple the fabric.  It also allowed her to put a small decoration in another area of the house : ). 

 I included this picture from the side so you could see that we used the deeper canvases.  We thought it gave the project a more expensive look.


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This is a quilt that I have been working on for several months.  It began as a quilt for my NEW granddaughter.  It was originally intended to be a coin stack style, crib-sized quilt.  I had quite a few scraps from several projects for Kate in various shades of pink and green.  DSCN0089



 I chose white 100% linen for the sashings because I really like the texture change from the cotton.


Here the stacks are all sewn in to the linen.  I was a little surprised at how fast the 100% linen frays once it is sewn.  The next time I use linen like this, I will make sure that I finish the quilt quickly.  The fraying seems to get worse with handling.



I joined the piece along group on Flickr with this quilt.  This was my first time joining anything online.

After seeing the top, Amanda’s  (my daughter) wheels began turning and instead of the soon to be born Caroline  having a crib sized quilt, my daughter wanted it for Kate’s new “big girl” bed.  My daughter thought that this fabric really fit with Kate’s personality, and she knew I was already making the pink, brown and green quilt for Caroline.

 So, I had to order some new yardage from a shop in Texas I had visited on a trip to see my son.  We were able to purchase enough for more borders (I had to go from crib to twin) and 4 more yards for a dust ruffle. 




 Once the decision was made to turn this into a twin size, I really struggled with a color choice for the backing.  This quilt already contained a good bit of white…so I decided to audition some greens.  I purchased some at the beach, but was never too excited about it.  The print was the same as the darker pink/burgundy but in green.  My daughter had already told me that was her least favorite print (too old fashioned).  She liked it in the stacks, but didn’t want it for the back, so I kept looking. Finally, the ladies at the Whistle Stop Quilt Shop  in Selma helped me choose the perfect fabric for the back of the quilt. 


The burgundy/pink fabric in the coin stack really helped to strengthen the combinations, so I chose to use it for the binding.  I also used the practical stitch # 8 for the binding because I always worry about how well my hand stitching will hold up, especially with a toddler.

My daughter really wanted the quilt for Kate’s second birthday party, so rather than spending hours trying to practice and perfect my stippling or meandering, I chose to stitch in the ditch along the seamlines.  Then I used my practical stitch #8 and made it as wide as possible to quilt the linen sections.  I think it gives it a little more style.




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