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Here are my 2 blocks, I have been finishing so many things in the past couple of weeks.

This was my first block.  I only bought one layer cake, so I had to go scrappy.  I just couldn’t invest another $35 for a second layer cake when I don’t have a final plan for the quilt. I think it will still look good.

Here is my second block.  I am really disturbed by wrinkling again.  At first I thought it was too much starch (This is the 3rd block with this problem)  now, I am wondering if I am sliding the iron too much when pressing.  Anyone out there know the ans.?


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I am in a quilting bee with many women from Australia and Flic wanted stars for the month of February.  Here is the star I made for her.  She wanted only red, black and white and you could pull from your stash.

I think this is the most pieces I have ever put together to make a 12.5 inch block.  It is going in the mail tomorrow.

I found the pattern here in the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks magazine.

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Here are a few pictures of the quilts I made for Kate and Caroline during the past couple of weeks.  I tried to make them slightly different so they could easily tell them apart.

We finally had a little sun after all the bad weather, so I tried to go outside and take advantage of the sunshine on the patio.

The back.  I only added extra on Caroline’s quilt. 

Here is the one I made for Kate.   She is 2 and likes things that feel good.  I remembered reading something on Ashley’s blog (Film in the Fridge) about her sister and the fact that he sister didn’t favor stippling because it doesn’t feel as good as other types of quilting, so I quilted a criss-cross on the angle because the charm squares are horizontal and vertical.  I am really happy with it and it does feel smoother. 

I put a pink binding on this one because it doesn’t have anything on the back. 

These will probably stay in the girl’s playroom.  They have a couple of bean bag chairs that are girly pink.  I used a machine stitch on the binding because I assume these will be washed often.

~Hope they like them.

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René wanted traditional crosses in red with a cream background.   I had to design my own template for the second block (set of 3) and it was challenging with my markers and graph paper.  I am still having issues with starch and wrinkly fabric.  I didn’t use as much starch on the first block and there aren’t as many wrinkles.  I may have to dilute my starch a bit. 

Well, I haven’t been blogging too much because all my time has been spent sewing.  Next post I will show you the quilts I made for Valentine’s Day for the granddaughters.  I have also been working on blocks for other bees and of course completing all work on the Haiti quilts.

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You may remember this picture.

I haven’t done too much with my tweet tweet fabric since cutting it all up this summer.

Then today it was calling to me.  I think that signing up for a fussy cut bee inspired me to finish some blocks and think about the kind of quilt I want to do in the Bee.  My pictures are not going to be very good until I buy a new battery charger for my better camera.  I lost it between home and the beach.  I have been using hubby’s camera with less megazixels.  Also, I think that pictures in wordpress just aren’t as clear.  Not sure why.

I selected the narrowest border and had 2 sides done on each fussy cut cage, but just moved on to other things and left this project alone. Today I completed several blocks and it is coming along really well. I think it will be a fav of mine.   Here are pictures of some accomplishments today.

I have a total of 40 cages.  Maybe this will turn into 2 quilts! 

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No school today. 

Rumor is we will have to go on Saturday! Yuk! 

Well, to keep busy I decided to tidy my sewing room.  I am cutting up all my scraps and putting them into plastic containers.  Here are some pictures of my progress.

I started out with lots of jumbo bags where I had been keeping fabric scraps by the designer or line.  Then started cutting sizes that could work with for many projects. 

I ended up with-

5″ x wof -noodles

2 1/2″ jelly-roll type noodles

strings (whatever I thought might work for that someday string quilt)

chips (something I could use for paper-piecing or applique)

3 1/2″ squares

4 1/2″ squares

5″ charm squares

9 & 9 1/2” squares. 

The sized were chosen just because those are the sizes of my rulers-not because I have a long-range plan rolling around in my head.  Anything thinner than 1″ was thrown away.   See how messy the floor is?  Of course I had to make a mess in the guest room too.  I used my treadle machine as a cutting surface and the bed as a table of sorts.

Anything that was almost a fat quarter was folded into a triangle and eventually made it into my sewing room cupboard.

Here they are hanging out on the guest bed.

Then I did a little more organizing.  Here are my new magazine organizers.

This is where I keep all my fabrics for the girl’s dresses.  I normally buy 3/4 fabrics from the same line, so I keep them together.  This is where my daughter snoops each time she visits.  She always wants to know what I am making for her daughters ; )

Next I organized my Bees, quilt projects and lots of newly acquired Kona solids from the recent JoAnn 1/2 off sale.

I did buy one other 3 drawer plastic thing and I forgot to take a picture.  The drawers are 12″ x 14″ and I am using it for my large finished blocks from the Bees.  I just joined another one this week from Australia.  Anyhoo.  You would think my sewing room was now a thing of beauty right???

Nope, now that I have organized…I have to clean.  Oh- one last thing.  I bought this along with the tubs so I won’t drag thread all over the house.  Does that happen to anyone else?

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Well, here in NC the weather is not suitable for driving or much of anything else, so of course I am sewing.  I have decided that this is the real reason a sewer needs a stash.  Snow days.

This was my first attempt at a foreign pattern.  Usually I don’t really want to mark and cut our all my own pattern pieces, but I thought the pocket on this pattern was very fun. 

 I purchased it over a year ago in Georgia at the shop I’ve mentioned Sew Blessed>.  I stocked up on all my favorite patterns because I wasn’t sure I could purchase them on-line. 

There is an excellent seamstress/designer, named Ivey Crenshaw who is associated with the store and her instructions were included with the pattern  (if you like children’s clothing…you really should visit her flickr photostream).  I also was able to download a tutorial from googling  the word Farbenmix.  Both were mainly photo tutorials and both assembled the jumper differently.  Ivey’s included the binding along the pocket and along the bottom of the jumper.   

 While I like the look, I would use piping cut on the bias the next time I make the pattern.  I am not a big fan of the wrinkley look around the small pocket openings.  It is not really evident in the photos, but in person it really bothers me.

The fabric is from Patty Young’s -Andalucia collection.  I used Earth Mod Bloom which is a cotton corduroy and Jester  in green for the facings, straps and bottom band. 

I think the binding fabric is a scrap of one of Heather Bailey’s fabrics, but I am not sure.  It was chosen from my stash. 

I have a pretty extensive array of buttons-many vintage and many new…but in the end I went with a plain vintage brown so as not to detract from the many patterns in the outfit. 

My granddaughter is home sick and running a high fever, so I am posting the pictures and she is looking at them on the computer.  I hope she feels better soon.

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