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Kelli asked for blocks that are inspired by the ocean for my 1 Year 12 Quilts Virtual Bee.  This one is called Ocean Waves.  It was a 10″ block in my magazine, so I added a border of a different print, but in the same colors.  I have a substantial stash of Neptune, so I was able to pick the colors I wanted.  Kelli sent lots of layer cake pieces for the blocks, but I am a Neptune addict and had something specific in mind.  I will be returning her layer cake pieces so she can make more ocean blocks.

This one has a few names.  Virginia Reel, Snail’s Trail…just to name a few.  But you can’t argue that it looks like water swirling around, especially in these color choices.  At first I thought this would be a paper pieced block, but it wasn’t.  It was much easier to put together than I thought it would be.  Hope she likes it.  I think I am all caught up now…but it is almost May!

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I was slightly behind in my virtual bees.  For some unknown reason I was stuck on the idea of a house.  I have seen so many house blocks and it shouldn’t have been a stumbling block….but it was.  As I look back, I think the problem was that many of my scraps and well, fabrics in general are purchased with my granddaughters in mind.  So, I have lots of florals and spring/summer colors.  Somehow every time I tried to put something together it didn’t look good.  But suddenly I was behind and needed to fulfill my committment.  So, I tried to steer away from the bolder prints until I came to my tree.  Here is the result.  I photographed it on the lawn, so it doesn’t look very pressed.  The top part is flipping up…UGH! 

Here is a close-up of my favorite part.

I finished up my block for the Fussy Cut Bee.  I was trying to get 2 blocks out of the fabric because they were really easy to put together, but I could only get 3 of the 4 pieces.  So, I sent them along  with my finished block.

The sun was setting, so the lighting is a little streaky, but you can see how impressive this finished quilt will be.

Last, but not least are the Yoga Skirts.  I am now working on trying some additional styles.  I would like to design one with some ruffles and perhaps one with some tucks.  I know that Nancyanne and Crystal  have asked for a tutorial and I will try to put something together.  I am also enrolled in 2 courses that last until June 1st, so my sewing time has a major squeeze on it.  UGH again!

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Either I really needed Spring Break in order to sew for my bees.   Now that I am back home I am really trying to catch up on March/April.  I still have some houses to make for Aimee (Adventures and Pursuits)  (March).  I have given up trying to be my own inspiration and am purchasing a pdf pattern for mini houses.  Aimee, you block will be done this week!

Lucy from the 1st Wed. Block Swap (Peekaboo Lucy) wanted a log cabin.  She sent both Nicey Jane and Meadowsweet and I think they really look good together.  I had enough left to begin a second one:

Liz, also from the 1st Wed. Block Swap wanted triangles in pink and lime green.

And Mary (The Sewing Geek) from the Red & Aqua Bee 2 was doing something a little different, she wanted strips instead of a block.  At first this sounded goofy to me, and even after seeing the computer design she gave in the instructions…I still wasn’t sure.  But, then someone with more imagination than me got the strip done right away and posted it onto the flickr site.  Wow, I was impressed! 

Making this strip was really like making your own little quilt.  I made lots of little pieces and then had to put them together while thinking about color, symmetry and design.  I really enjoyed making this strip and it was a great idea for a virtual bee.

Here is my strip and pieces:

mini disappearing 9 patch


the other 2 mini disappearing 9 patches

the center portion

The end- I ran out of Mary's fabric and had to start using my own in order to reach the 40 inch length


the other end

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Busy catching up on things this week.  Also working on the yoga skirts.  This time I took 2 inches off each waistband and brought the bands over to my daughter’s house so she could try them on the girls before I attached them to the skirts.  I just wish I had had some off-white knit instead of white.

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I mentioned in the last post that I stopped at Loving Stitches because I was on my way to the beach.  I had to spend my spring break dividing up my mother’s belongings with my siblings.  She passed away in early December and after we all spent a few months caring for her we decided to take a break and let her home and belongings sit for a time.  So, although it was a sad week going through almost all of her things, I did smile when we cleaned out the closet with some of the sewing things she had left. 

She had not sewn in 20+ years, but still had some of the items from her dad, who worked in the garment industry in NYC.  None of my siblings were interested in the sewing items, so here they are.  You vintage hounds will really like a few of these things.

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On my way to South Carolina, I always see this huge billboard advertising a quilt shop in Lillington, NC.  I am usually not interested in prolonging a 3 1/2 hour drive, so I never take the time to visit.  This last trip my curiosity finally got the best of me and I traveled the 15 or so miles to investigate.  Good decision on my part!   The store was packed with Berninas ( I heart Bernina), patterns, fabric, notions and some very helpful staff.

I found some great patterns-a couple that I can use for my Urban Home Goods Swap.

 some fabric for my red & aqua bee ( my month is coming up)

…and some much needed extra bobbins for my poor old Bernina.  

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Well, I have been gone for the past 4 weekends.  The end of March, my DH and I took a trip to Southern Ga. to see our son before he deploys : ( 

Whenever I go to visit, my DIL and I go to Hahaira to a shop call Sew Blessed.  They specialize in children’s clothing and carry some wonderful fabrics.  This is the shop where Ivey of  Iveyc95 works.  Her samples are fabulous.  If you are sewing children’s clothing, you should visit her blog and/or her flickr photostream. 

This time we added to our stash, I added patterns and some gizmos as well.  Here are some pics.

Here is a description I found for this item: Contoured pressing board has numerous shaped, pointed, and curved edges and surfaces. Use without a pad for thin, crisp edges. Use with a pad for a softer edge finish and for details that should be shaped into the ferment, such as set-in sleeves, darts and shoulder and hipline seams. 

They were on sale for 50% off, so I bought one for me, one for my DIL and one for my daughter.  I wasn’t sure how helpful they would be, but the price was great.  The following week I saw one at a quilting shop selling for $69! 

Along with that, I purchased a holder for my little clover travel iron.  It was 30% off.

Finally, the yummy fabric.

Maybe bubble suits for each girl?

I had ordered the owl fabric some time ago, with my fussy cut bee in mind, but then I saw this together and knew it would end up as clothing.

I am also starting to accumulate some fabric for the Red & Aqua Bee.  I do use aqua occasionally, but my stash of red is pathetic.  So, I want to make sure I have a good supply that I like. 

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