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I worked on my matching burpies and except for some monogrammed initials or names, which I am going to attempt with my new Bernina 820, these are finished.  I like to make them in sets of three…not sure why.  Maybe it is because that is how I often see them in boutiques and specialty stores.  My niece Jessica is due in May.  She loves the colors purple and turquoise and those are the colors my sister said to choose. 

I like to roll them and present them to the new mom looking like this.  Isn’t that pretty?

Someone will be getting this set with Farmer’s Market and a little AB  that is waiting to be monogrammed.

I have made enough burpies to know that you can get three from one fat quarter, but you are left a little short on the end.  I used to run them through my serger and just make them 1 1/2 to 2 inches shorter.  But this time I am going to try the embroidery on my new machine.  Hope it works.  I am a little reluctant because I normally buy the premium Gerber diapers and they are pretty thick.  I like the thickness for padding a baby’s head, but not sure it will work for the embroidery.

My daughter-in-law, Kim is a huge Amy Butler fan.  I think you will be able to tell which girl is getting which sets of burpies.  The third one is not finished because I ran out of the pink rick-rack. 

My nephew is having a boy in late June.  I am planning to use my Pure for that quilt, but in the mean time I made a few burpies with snails  for his new boy.  They are going to name him Keegan (hope I spelled that correctly).   I will let you all know if I am able to figure out the embroidery on my machine and show you the results.

 I made these so that the snails are right side-up when they are over a mom or dad’s shoulder and the name will show on the back side. 

<< Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails-that’s what little boys are made of >>

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I had a student tell me that when she was young…she always thought that when people said “Lord, have mercy!”  she thought they were saying…”Lord ham mercy!”    We had a little chuckle and when I used her own expression later in class for something she did, she looked at me and said <See, Ms. Ritter…that’s why I shouldn’t be telling you stuff>>   Teenagers are the best ; )

I have been working on one of the three quilts for new babies in the family…2 showers in April…trying to get a picture of the top which is made from these fabrics

and some matchy matchy things to show you.  Hope you are all having a great week.

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I have participated in all three of the pincushion swaps on flickr and once again, I was not disappointed.  Here is the super cute pincushion I received. “Let your heart fly and your dreams soar.”  I love those little hexies!

 It is large, cute and just the right weight.  My partner (cce181 on flickr) said she was struggling with a concept and then one day something  just clicked.  I imagine the change of name and new header image for the blog gave her the idea.  I changed my icon/gravatar from a fussy cut block,  to the bird from the gate above as my icon for flickr.  Isn’t it the greatest?  Here is the entire package.

I also had a partner.  Here is the pincushion I sent. 

 I used some of my Susoki KKoseki by YUWA, which is a Japanese import fabric (linen) for the top and this cute ruler fabric for the back. 

Here is the back.

I made an inner sleeve to hold the crushed walnuts. 

This is the big jar where I store my crushed walnuts shells.

I also added a few of panels of the linen fabric with a couple of handmade pins that match.

She seemed very happy with her package.  I added a few charm squares just before mailing.
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Neptune winner

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2011-03-21 09:39:19 UTC   

the new owner of a Neptune jellyroll by Tula Pink is:  Woodbines!!!!!!!!

She did all three things to give her the opportunity to win and her third comment where she mentioned the giveaway on her blog was the winning number on the random generator.  Congratulations ; )

And thank you everyone.  I wish I had 231 jellyrolls to give one to each and every one who made a comment.  I say a Neptune jellyroll on e-bay last week for $58.00!   Yikes, that is a bunch of money for a jellyroll.


Omgosh, thank you for the opportunity and congrats on the 100th post!  I would love to make a zigzag or bowtie quilt from the jelly roll. The blues and greens are soothing and gender neutral (heaven knows how hard it can be to find a pleasing arrangement of fabrics that a guy will like–or at least my guy, LOL!)

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Sunday Studentisms

As many of you know, I teach a foreign language at the high school level (mainly 11th and 12th graders).  I thought you all might enjoy hearing some of the funny, unusual and sometimes goofey things these teens say in class to their teachers and peers.  My colleagues and I keep saying that we are going to write these down before we begin to forget them.  Some of them are so very amusing.

A while back student A asked me what a word in Spanish meant.  I replied, <<basically,  it is a conjunction>>.  He looked at me, scrunched his nose and proceeded to say (in his best southern country accent)  <ain’t that somein’ you git in your eye?>>   Well, of course I had to answer his question.  <<No, I said, you are talking about conjunctivitis, that is something you get in your eye.  Perhaps you remember Conjunction Junction from watching tv when you were young????>>

Monday morning I will use the random generator to see who will win the Neptune jelly roll.  Check back to see if you are a winner.

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In honor of my 100th post, I am having a giveaway. 

I am actually ready to part with some of my Neptune by Tula Pink.  One jelly roll of all the prints can be yours!!!

Here is all you need to do:

You can do one, two or all three things ; )  

1. Leave a comment and tell me something you would like to make with a Neptune jelly roll. 

2. Sign up as a follower via email subscription or to the feed.

3. Link the giveaway to your blog.

Be sure to leave separate comments to increase your opportunities with the random generator.  I will choose a winner on Monday March 21st.

Don’t forget to leave contact information within your comment.

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I participated in my third mug rug swap on flickr and this is my awesome package made by Crystal and the package I sent out.

This is the package I sent out. I found this awesome matching mug and put together a few of my cut pieces from my stash and sent my package off to Spiced Coffee {no need to explain why I included 3 types of coffee }.  I hope my partner is happy with her mug rug.

I  used some purple, green and turquoise I have put together for a baby quilt. 

I like the colors so much, that I thought they would work well in this swirl pattern.  This is a free paper pieced pattern that I found here  from Piece by Number.   My first attempt was good, but there was on piece that did not cover well in the center circle.  Also, I was not happy with where the circle was on the pattern for a mug rug.

So, I traced the pattern onto another piece of paper and extended the lines to make it more of a rectange. 

Here are a few pictures of the process with the new pattern.

The problem with this idea???  I realized that once I extended the pattern, I had no way to finish the last piece. That is why paper pieced patterns usually come in several sections.

{fingers appear much chubbier than in real life

In the end, I chose to fold it back over and use my quilting stitch to hold it down.  I was not able to make the point really crisp because of the seam (the raw edge had to be hidden).  I had to quilt individual lines because I could not use a walking foot and the make swirls in the center the  way I wanted.  So, I made individual quilting lines, knotted them on the back side, re-threaded my hand sewing needle and hid the tail ends of the thread inside the mug rug.  If I ever make this pattern into another mug rug, I think I will quilt just the top and the batting and let the back side be just fabric-without any quilting.  I think it would look better. 

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