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Well, there will be a new girl in the family soon ( June to be exact!) and I am gearing up with some projects for our new Georgia Peach!  A niece and nephew are both also having babies this spring.  So, I am cranking out some baby gifts and the best part is that we know the May and mid-June babies are both girls, so this way my dil won’t know which gifts are for which her new arrival or for my niece and I can blog about them.  The end of June/July is a boy (my nephew’s new son), so I get to work with all colors!  I have a project in mind using Pure and am excited about that.

This project is a cover for a wooden high chair, the type that  you find in many restaurants and fast food places.  I am working on another version that will have button holes in it so that you can use the seat  belts on the chairs.  This one is a wrap-around tie cover which is great if there is a missing seat belt on the chair you are using, or your little one is a wiggly worm.  I am going to make a tutorial and a pattern that you can just piece together and make one for yourself.  Here are the pictures:

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Here are my latest projects:

I have had this printed out for a couple of years now and finally took the time to make it.   Here is the link to this tutorial.  It is really a fine tut, but I did choose to make a couple of changes.  My 2 granddaughters  (1 1/2 and 3 yrs old) are really into their dolls right now, so I thought this would be a good time to make baby doll slings for them.  I used some Lila Tueller remnants from my stash.  This line is named Soireé. 

The instructions from the tutorial tell you to cut 2 sections for each sling that are 13 inches by the width of the fabric.  Here are my 4 pieces (I am making 2 slings).


I deviated from the basic tutorial because after I had the main pieces cut, I decided to make a 3 inch strip (4 inches cut) on the outer edge of each sling so the girls can tell theirs apart ( anything to cut down on the possession wars ; )  I had a few pieces of coordinating Soireé in my stash so I used them.  I also cut 3 inches off the main fabric on one side only (where the new aqua or pink was going), so that once the coordinating strip was sewn onto the main fabric, I still have a piece that is 13″ wide. 

The pink was not a width of fabric piece, but a fat quarter…so I had to piece my strip together.

This is a very simple project that I completed in less than two hours.  The only problem I had was the O rings.  I didn’t have the size recommended in the tutorial. I was completing the project on a Sunday, so I couldn’t go shopping to a quilt or fabric shop. I tried Wal-Mart and didn’t find what I wanted, so I ended up in a thrift store looking for belts. I found 2 of the ugliest belts on the face of the earth, bought them for $2 each and tore the rings from them.

The following pictures show me putting the rectangles together with 1/2 inch seams and using a big fat knitting needle to poke out the corners of the rectangle once I turned it right side out.  I chose to have my opening on the side of the rectangle, rather than on the end as suggested in the tutorial in order to make the turning easier and the corners crisper by having easy access to the corners.  Also, you will see that I pressed the opening before top stitching the rectangle.  Trying to sew the rings onto the fabric was the most challenging, but I used lots of pins and that helped. 

As you can see, there is little fabric left up near the rings.  Once the selvages are cut off and the 2.5 inches are used to sew the rings on, I am left with only a small amount of wiggle room for sizing these.  Lucky for this nana, the girls have smaller baby dolls ( 8 to 10 inches) and they are 18 months and 3 years old.  If I were to make this again for another little girl I would add 5 to 7 inches to the width of the fabric.  If your little girl uses a larger doll, that is another reason to make the sling longer.  This is suggested in the original tutorial as well.   I dropped them off when I arrived back home and the girls really liked using them.  They even brought them shopping the next day.  Totally worth the time.  Perhaps my daughter will take a picture and you can see how they fit.
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Here is a small project I tried to complete before the holidays.  I had the entire wallet completed, but was stuck on the closure.  I purchased it as a kit from my LQS in South Carolina – The Quilters Cottage and really liked it.  It is a simple and fast project.  I just was not happy with the closure.  I googled several other tea wallets and was either-still not happy, or I was too far along in the project to switch to a couple of the better closures.  Well, I just came up with a simple tie closure because for the most part, mine was already completed and top-stitched.  Here are some photos.  Tomorrow I will mail it to Alaska for my younger brother JR ( aka Donald Jr. ) and Sabine ( who is really the recipient of the gift b/c I don’t think my brother will carry a purse with a tea wallet in it!)

I will probably save the pattern in case one of my swap partners are tea drinkers in the Mug Rug Swap!
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Well,  over 100 responses has resulted in:

 63.7% of crafters who said _ yes, the efforts were absolutely worth it!

33.67% of crafters who checked _ some yes, some no

and only 3.06% of responding crafters who were apparently disappointed and did not think their efforts were appreciated &/or worth the effort.

A big thanks to all who responded.  I think the feedback is that we will all ” Keep calm, carry on and continue crafting”.

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KarrieLyne from the blog Freckled Whimsy is writing a tutorial for the pillow which will be out on the 26th.  In one of her emails to me she mentioned that she was working on something for “Stash Manicure”, so be on the lookout.  I am sure that once you read over her tutorial,  you will see that by removing the center 4 grids is how I came up with Alex’s  pillow (the one with the quilt block as a center).

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I have joined several swaps on Flickr and one that is particularly rewarding is the pillow talk swap.  In round 3 I was sent an angel pillow by KarrieLyne and my daughter really loved it.  So, here is the story of an Angel Pillow that blossomed into 3 different pillows for Christmas.

angel pillow from KarrieLyne

When my daughter stopped by one day, she saw my angel pillow and  threatened to snitch it from my home.  This gave me the idea to make pillows for the 3 grown girls in my life.  I started assembling them way back in the summer while on vacation at the lake.  I talked about my set-up in this post

I was making pillows for 3 very different girls.  For my daughter Amanda, I used scraps from all the dresses and quilts I have made for my granddaughters.  I kept the lines in the same 4 patch.  Many of these are from the dresses I have shown on this blog.  Here is the completed top, sorry, but for some reason this picture is a little blurry.

For my daughter-in-law Kimberly, I  went out and purchased some additional Amy Butler (she is a big Amy Butler fan) to add to my scraps so that I could incorporate the design wall we made for her home.   I wanted to make the pillow coordinate but didn’t want it to be too matchy matchy in the event they move to another Base and therefore, a different house.   Her living space has lots of greens and Khaki.  Here is her pillow front.

For my son’s girlfriend Alexandra, I busted out the Anna Maria Horner scraps from her quilt which I blogged about in this post.  The center of the pillow is actually a left-over block from the quilt and the rest of the squares are from scraps.  I did mix in a couple of patches that are from Amy Butler, but most are from the original quilt.  I like the patch in the middle as an alternative.  I think one of each style on the same couch/sofa would look great.  Here is Alex’s top minus the border.

Here they are:  quilted  and ready for wrapping.

Here they are all together.  I quilted 2 of them using stippling and Kim’s with a grid pattern.  I used a simple envelope closure and some more 100% linen for the backs, with the exception of Kim’s.  I used a scrap of Amy Butler to liven up the back. 

Here they are with their respective owners just after unwrapping them.  The girls seemed very happy with them and my daughter starting  hinting for a second.  Why is it that the daughters are always the most bold???

Update:  My daughter-in-law just sent me this photo from her iphone…and the caption is word for word, hehehe.  Sometimes those men just don’t get it ; )

He is touching the untouchable pillow ! ! Ahhhhhhhhhh ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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