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Here is my completed block # 26 for my virtual bee.  I mailed out the template, foundation paper, instructions and fabric today.  The entire process was more time-consuming than I had anticipated.  But the good news is that the mailing was less than $20!  Pretty good for 11 envelopes  : )

I think it looks pretty good, but I would like to practice the block a few more times.  Don’t ask me why I decided to choose a block with foundation piecing when I have never done it before…what was I thinking!

This morning I got all the envelopes ready to go, then placed the inner circle lights/darks, then place the outer circle lights/darks onto the guest room bed.   I have to admit that it looked really pretty to me.

Then I began separating each light and dark combination for the inner circle and placing them onto the individual envelopes.  After that I began selecting the outer circle of light and dark combinations.

Then I made 11 piles of the instructions, foundation paper and templates.

I tried to make sure that I came out with a good color balance for the inner and outer circle combinations. 

I cropped this picture as well as most of the others because I realized that all the envelopes had names and addresses on the fronts.  Here is a close up of Ruth’s pile. I placed the white background fabric on the bottom, followed by the dark and light outer fabrics (5+inches wide) followed by the dark and light for the inner fabrics (4 inches wide).  This way everyone can see things in order.

Here is the pile getting ready for the Post Office.


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Here are my block design and fabrics for the virtual bee which begins in January.  I am scheduled for January, so I am getting organized and preparing to mail out my fabrics, templates and instructions to 11 other quilters who are very ready to begin.

Here are my fabrics thus far.  I need a few more selections of everything but the blue, so I am off to Wish Upon a Quilt for some green, yellow and red.

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The younger sister of my sister-in-law had a baby this month, so I made a few things for the new mom and sent them to Charlotte.  The baby’s name is Ava Marie, which is very pretty and I think it matches the name of  her big sister Mia.  Ava and Mia.

Here are my gifts for Ava:  A set of 3 burp cloths, one with girly frogs and two with bunnies & cats.  (December pictures are not always the best)


All bundled up and looking pretty!

A changing pad with waterproofing between the layers.

And a little droolie bib for the new born, all items have been delivered and we hope the new baby is doing well.

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