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I signed up for another flickr pillow swap (this is actually round 3, I didn’t participate in the first round).  My secret partner liked Joel Dewberry and the colors blue and green were on her list, so this line of Modern Meadow seemed to fit the bill.  For some reason I had really wanted to do some embroidery on this pillow and so I searched for a design.  Green and blue to me said “peacock” and since I had seen another swap where someone had done a really beautiful pair of peacocks, I emailed the recipient and asked if she know the designer of the embroidery.  She kindly answered and told me it came from this book. 

So, I went to Michaels and bought the book.  It turns out that the embroidery was too large for the Dresden Plate design I had already cut out.  So, I tried to shrink the design – that didn’t work.  Then I decided to try just one of the peacocks (they are pretty, don’t you think?).  One didn’t work either…so I gave up on the peacock idea and completed the Dresden.  Here you can see that I really had only 3 inches to work with.  I didn’t want to make the center larger than it was supposed to be and end up with 2 inch petals.

Then I realized that one of the fabrics had a Dresden design already in it, so I measured and it was perfect! I put her right in the center and things were looking up. 

Then came the decisions for quilting.  I knew I wanted rays coming out from the Dresden, but the petals were stumping me…I have a book on Dresden plate quilts, but nothing there seemed exciting.  Finally I took some scraps and tried a looping design that I could make wider as I went down the petal piece.  I was happy with that and went with it.  So far everything was looking good.  I made some daisy type loops in the center and was happy with that quilting as well. 

However, when you make that many petals, you get some rather unattractive circles in the center.  I wasn’t happy with those.  So, I took the embroidery thread I had purchased for the peacocks and made some french knots in the center.  I think it really enhanced the look of the center flower as well. 

I didn’t have a 16 inch pillow to stuff it with, so I had to use a throw from the couch and that is why the pillow looks abnormally stuffed : )

It is on the way and I hope my partner likes it!  I also made a cute pincushion to go along with it.

I guess it is also time to paint the beach patio furniture~ but I’d rather be sewing.
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Hi all,

Many of you have asked for a tutorial on the yoga style skirt.  I have made several sets  so far and now am ready to make a tutorial.  I think I have had enough practice and can demonstrate this pretty well.  For those of you who are new to my blog, here are a couple of pictures of the skirts~~

I should have everything good to go by Monday, just keep checking back.
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Here is my second pincushion creation.  I used a 3 inch paper pieced pattern found on piece by number and used a majority of my Joel Dewberry’s Deer Valley line scraps for the bee.  The head is actually a scrap from AMH and I can’t remember the fabric used for the wings.  The 100% linen was a little tough to work with on the tiny paper piecing as it tends to fray easily.  I made a ravioli packet with lentils to weigh it down and then used more of the kopak seed-pod fiber filling.  It is tiny.  I would like to try this with all cotton fabric and some really bold colors.

Well, on to make many more pincushions…
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I have joined 2 swaps on flickr that are all about pincushions.  I already love pincushions, but this is just creating an obsession.  First I took some scraps from my {Urban} Home Goods Swap earlier this year and made a very functional pincushion.  I filled it with lentils and some natural fibers from a seed pod that are sold at Wal-Mart as gerbil bedding.  The Kopak seed fibers worked out well.  Here is the cushion.

Yesterday, I took my granddaughter Katie Grace to the mall for some fun.  We wandered all over and I shopped in the Crate & Barrel ( spelled incorrectly in the photo…only one l) for a few minutes while she was busy with her Dippin’ Dots.  Most people would think *kitchen* when they saw these, but not me…I was all about pincushions.  I can’t wait to find the perfect fabric from my stash.

Also, 2 days ago I was at the DMV in Raleigh and visited the art shop in the same strip mall and came home with these.

And last but not least, I found these a couple of years ago and planned to make pincushions with them -but never got around to it.  Perhaps I will accomplish  it this year with the recent obsession.  I have a pattern for fabric eggs that was floating around many blogs last year. 

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I was able to attend the Guild meeting on Sunday afternoon and we had a great time. John organized a 12 block swap for us and we all brought our completed blocks. Members could request the type of blocks they wanted and we were given 4  fat quarters  to work with from the Momo Odyssea collection and we were to pull from our stash for the rest.
Here are my blocks:
1 improv (I need some work on this particular style), 1 cross, 2 wonky stars and 7 for members who said “anything goes!”

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Before I began this blog, I made a nursing cover for my daughter.  I used some mother/daughter toile fabric from JoAnn’s.  Her  nursing cover was different, because I used a style from an apron pattern I purchased, where a flap with the lining showed on the front.  My daughter liked it because she could pull the top flap up in the event that someone was above or behind her.  She has always told me that it was the most useful item of all the things I made  for her (and as a first time nana…I made lots of things!).

 A friend (Laura) of my daughter-in-law just had a baby girl (Madison) and I wanted to make something for her.  Kim (my DIL) told me that she decorated her nursery in primary colors and I immediately thought of the Dick and Jane fabric that I have had for some time.  So, I made Laura a new nursing cover.  This cover is a little longer than my previous one and I also put some chenille in the corners for wiping up little mouths.  I am mailing it off tomorrow. 

Peek-a-Boo Nursing Cover

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