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Finished a dress in size 3T for kate today.  Hope she likes it!

I put one of my cheezy iron-on labels from JoAnn’s Fabric store inside the yoke.

Here is a view of the back.

The buttons are a better match than they appear in the photo.

Well, the snow and sleet is making for a good sewing day.  🙂


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Here is my lap quilt (using Amandajean’s tutorial).  I managed to sew all the pieces of like color together and placed it on the floor.  Once I had it all done, I decided it would look better with the darker colors doing the zig zag.  I re-did the lay out and was much happier.  It has a stronger look to it now.

Here are a few pics

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I have recently enrolled  in a few –alongs.  One is a pin wheel sampler, another is a 2010 zig zag quilt, there is one at Modify Tradition,  and my very first pillow swap on flickr.  I might need to retire early!  : )

Here is the fabric I am experimenting with for my zig zag quilt.  It is my first time sewing with batik.  People who really like them are always telling  me that they are fabulous.  Since I wanted a rainbow/color wheel type arrangement I decided to try the Batik. 

For my pin wheel sampler, I think I will cut into my meadowsweet- I do have reservations about the large prints.  In the sample at ps i quilt, the colors on her quilt are very bold and look almost solid….perhaps I should just go and get some more of the smaller prints that go with this line.

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Here is my heart block that I plan to incorporate into the lap quilt for a little boy.  The dinosaurs are from a designer sheet set I purchased to make PJ bottoms.  I am a little concerned about using a sheet, however, the rest of the fabrics are from my LQS.

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 Come join the cause!

I have started a page just for the Hearts 4 Haiti with some of the original comments, the links and some specific information. 

I am organizing a quilt drive for the children in Haiti.  I am asking that the quilts be lap sized and that somewhere on the quilt you incorporate a heart.  Maybe in your free motion quilting, or a small block, or with some heart fabric. Below is link to a heart pattern if you are interested.  Piecemealquilts has re-worked her site to showcase the heart patterns for us.  Also, on the comments- mamaseemamado has provided a link to project linus that also has a pdf heart pattern.


I have a group on Flickr.  Here is the link if you would like to show your quilt. 


The picture for the button is on the Flickr page. Here is the html for the button. Please let me know if you are having trouble grabbing the button.

<a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/allzimsewingis/4280246286/” title=”6a00d8341c72ee53ef00e551775e9f8833-803 by allz I’m sewing is…, on Flickr”><img src=”http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4009/4280246286_6a5639370b_o.jpg” width=”148″ height=”135″ alt=”6a00d8341c72ee53ef00e551775e9f8833-803″ /></a>

Many people have responded and are pulling out UFO’s and trying to finish them.  Be assured, I will be very careful about making sure the quilts get into the hands of the children.  Once you have completed a quilt, just send me a flickr mail or email me at allzimsewing@gmail.com

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Hearts for Haiti???

Does anyone know if anything is being organized by quilters for the children/people of Haiti? My former colleague, a French teacher, was there during the earthquake, and remains to help. She goes on a mission trip every winter to help with a local orphanage. She communicated in an email that the orphanage has been destroyed, children killed and that they are all sleeping on the ground in the open. I know that many blogging quilters helped out with the Bushfire Project and I wondered if anything was organized. Would anyone out there be interested in helping to organize something???
Leave me a comment if you are.

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Here are the cut fabric pieces and sections 1 & 2 of the foundation paper.  I marked this paper-light and dark as well, so I could make sure I was not mixing them onto the same section.

I chose to start with the lights first.  Here I am placing the first light piece onto the back of the foundation paper to make sure it lines up correctly. 

I used a paper clip to keep the 1st piece in place.  Some people prefer glue sticks, others pins.  In the above photo, I am trying to make sure that I have the angles for piece #2 place correctly.  That is why you see the right side of the paper in the photo.

A word about the background pieces.  I used the same pattern piece for both of my background pieces.  The pieces are the same, however in one section you will use the wrong side and on the next section you will use the right side of the white fabric because these two pieces are mirror images of each other.  If you find this confusing, you could just use the 2 pattern pieces that I discarded in the cutting post and make your section background pieces separately.

I check to make sure the second piece lines up well and then pin it to the paper and piece #1

Eventually, I began  using my silk pins for piecing was easier than quilting pins because the quilting pins have lage heads that interfer with the stitching. 

I know that some people find it easier to just use large pieces of fabric and cut later, but I really prefer this method.  As with all quilting, you should do what works for you.

I have checked to be sure the piece will fold over to where I need it and now I am ready to sew.  In the following photos, you will see that I did not sew in the seam allowance, I began at the tip of any triangle when I could, and I followed the line to the end.  Your best results will come from not sewing in the seam allowances.  I sew, press first to be sure that the background fabric covers the entire triangle.  I then trim the seam allowance to 1/4″.

I repeat the process with the piece # 3.  Remember that we allowed an additional 1/4″ to the seam on the right side, so as you place pieces 2, 3 and 4, you might have a larger seam allowance on the previous piece.  The following pictures  from the next section (darks) demonstrates this.

One way to check this is to hold the foundation paper up to the light and see how much fabric is extending beyond the sewing line.  I suppose you could line both fabrics up together, but the reason I added the extra 1/4″ was for insurance.  So it makes more sense to save the additional seam allowance for the right side.  I found that one of my repeated mistakes was that I was often short on the right side, which did not leave me with enough of a seam allowance.

My machine let off a little steam which caused the paper to curl. 

The final piece of background fabric is added.  This background piece is easy to place because the shape is so elongated you can easily see where it should be placed.

Here you can see how the first 25% of the block will look.  Next I trim both pieces, sew the seam and then press.  On this block I have been pressing all joining seams open.  This helps alleviate the bulk. 

Done : )

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