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Most virtual quilting bees are focused around one block per month.  Over the late spring and summer months I joined in the 3 x 6 Sampler Bee.  The bee runs for 3 months and you have to make 6 blocks.  It is a format in which the recipients can tell the quilters what colors they would like and that is all.  The person quilting must make 6 blocks in the requested color schemes.  The one freedom the sewer has, it that they can choose the block design.  All 6 blocks that you sew must be made with the same design block.  If you participate in 2 rounds, you would have 12, 12 inch blocks-which could make a nice lap sized quilt. 

I was very amazed at how many people in my last group requested orange and gray!  I had a couple of oranges and one gray in my stash.  I had to do a bit of shopping  (such suffering!) in order to complete my blocks.   Here they are in a collage.


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Here is my new mug rug for a new partner who likes traditional Christmas things.  I used a single fold binding which mamacjt blogged about and I also used 100% flannel this time rather than batting.  Both changes help to make the mug rug thinner and crisper looking.  It is going into the mail tomorrow. 

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Finished a couple of dresses that I started earlier this fall.  One for Kate and one for Caroline.  Kate’s dress is a Katie Cupcake pattern using Joel Dewberry  fabrics. 

My daughter was so excited to get it home for a special party that evening, that I was unable to try for a better picture.  So, here is it hanging by a wimpy wire hanger!

Caroline’s is the Claire pattern from Portabello Pixie.

Back of dress with added ties.  The original pattern does not call for ties at the waist.  I added them once I saw that the brown fabric I had chosen for the ties at the shoulder were not coordinating enough with the dress due to the pink in the apron, so I wanted to accent the brown a little more.  I am happy with the results.

I purchased this fabric over one year ago and can’t seem to find the name of the line… I’ll keep searching through my selvages and try to let you know. 

Joanna from homemadepineapplemarshmallows  has figured out that a couple of these fabrics are from Annette Tatum’s “House” line.  Thanks for doing the investigating ; )

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I tried a new technique for binding my sister quilts that I thought I would share.  I used fusible thread in the bobbin only and then stitched a zig zag stitch around the entire quilt.  The next step is to sew the binding onto the front of the quilt as you would normally do.  Then, you move to the ironing board and press the binding to the back of the quilt.  This worked GREAT!  Once I pressed the binding to the back, I could move the quilt anywhere while I used a ladder stitch to secure the binding on the back.  No pins stabbing me, no uneven binding due to pin gaps.  I just loved it.  The few extra minutes it took to press the binding was actually a time saver if you compare it with all those pins.

This idea is not an original of mine, I read it in another blog, but don’t remember which one.   I would not recommend using fusible thread in any permanent way as it would not hold up over time, but as an alternative to pins and clips-it was wonderful.  Hope you try it, because it was really so nice not stitching by hand with pins all over the place.

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While I know this is a blog for my sewing, I am going to share a few pictures of my own soldier today.  Here is my youngest son returning from deployment over Labor Day weekend.  My hubby and I drove down to Georgia to see him return home to his wonderful wife and we also  brought some gifts and a sign (from the girls) to celebrate his return.  Once we were there our daughter-in-law Kim had additional signs that we made to decorate the house (inside and out). 

I heart him ; )

This sign was made by nieces Kate and Caroline for Uncle Daniel (with a little help from their mom, his sister).

Happy Veteran’s Day. 

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Some time ago I started making 2 coin-stack quilts using my scraps from Caroline’s quilt.  I wanted them to look similar, yet different.  So, one alternates white coins while the other does not.  My mother was sick last fall and I wanted to give one to my mom and the other to my aunt Marge, (her sister) who had been staying with my mom and helping out.  When my mom passed away in early December, I had not finished either quilt and just couldn’t get motivated to complete them.  

Well, time has a way of making things better and I have just finished both quilts.  I plan to put this one in the mail for Aunt Marge before Thanksgiving.  I used one of the practical stitches on my Bernina along with a walking foot to quilt Aunt Marge’s.  I am going to make a special label for her.

The quilting stitch is more obvious here. 

The second quilt that I had intended for my mom has one of my first paper-pieced gnomes on the back.  I also used the same fabric for the border and the binding.  For this particular fabric, I think it looks really good.  I free-motion quilted this one.  I really love this quilt and think I will keep it for myself.  I have grown really attached to it.

I learned while doing this post that it is a real challenge to demonstrate 2 quilts, front and back, without any helpers.  I had to resort to the patio furniture, the fence and my newly painted wicker furniture on the porch.  Next time I will recruit some humans to help out ; )

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I was able to participate in the latest DQS which was the ninth one held thus far in the flickr world of photo sharing and swapping.
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I was assigned a secret partner and it was my job to stalk her blog, mosaic and photo stream, then design a doll size quilt for her.  My partner lives overseas and as I began to investigate her likes and dislikes I was having a difficult time finding a consistent theme to grab hold of for my concept.  Finally, she made a comment on one of the pictures where a quilter was designing a quilt based on the game Tetra.  I didn’t know exactly what that was, but many others began commenting as well.  Then, I remembered a photograph in the City Quilts book that looked a bit like this Tetra quilt and decided to use that as my inspiration.  So, I drew the quilt in my sketch book and made small patterns of the grid. 

I went to my (now substantial) stash of Kona solids and tried to pull out 3 shades of each color. 

Now I began pulling it together.

I didn’t want the black thread to show on anything but the black fabric, so trying to move from one black grid to another was challenging.  These solid squares are super tiny.  Finished they measure 1.5 by 2 inches. 

Here is the finished mini quilt.

Then I mailed it off to Denmark.  The first time in was sent in a padded envelope and was returned with the envelope torn on the recipient’s address.  So, I re-packaged it in a box, added another goodie as an extra because my partner had already been waiting for this quilt to appear on her doorstep.  I mailed it regular international mail once more (approx. $14).   I waited and waited and no picture on flickr or email confirming its arrival.  When I contacted USPS, they informed me that there was no tracking for international packages at that price.  Finally, I came home from school and there was my package…back here in N.C.  I immediately took the package back to the post office and asked why it had been returned.  They showed me the label where it was not claimed.  Now, I happen to know that the my swap partner was waiting for this package and would have claimed it had she known it was there. 

So, I put it in a new box.  Checked the address I had with the swap mama and mailed it off again, but paid a bit more so I could track it.

I am happy to say that it finally arrived in Denmark and my partner sent me the best email ever!  She seemed pleased with her doll quilt and was appreciative of my efforts to get the quilt to her.  I am not discouraged by international swapping, I always check yes when asked if I am willing to swap internationally.  How can a person who teaches a second language not swap internationally???
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