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With the ending of my summer vacation approaching,  I thought a few of you might be interested in how I travel and sew.  It does involve packing and re-packing, but since it is what I love to spend my down time doing, it is worth the time and effort. 

First, I pack according to my destination.  If I am going to our beach place, I know that I already have a machine and basic tools there.  When we purchased the Bernina 820, I took my old faithful machine–a Bernina 930 Record that I have had to 30+ years to the beach permanently.  Before this change I had (and still have) an old Singer 15-91 that I bought for $36 at the Habitat for Humanity. 

The most recent destination was northern Michigan. We were going to the lake to visit my father-in-law. He has a cottage on the lake with a detached 2 car garage.

He is also a big smoker. He started smoking cigarettes at age 12 or so and is now 81.  So, when I visit I normally just bring quilts that I am piecing because I know they will be washed after they are quilted. Well, this visit my husband had a great idea, instead of using one of the front bedrooms for my sewing (I would have had to pack up when my daughter and her family arrived),  He suggested I set up in the garage. So, I did and it was great!  The only drawback was the view…no lake to look at…just a couple of vintage motorcycles and my golden retriever – Cody.

Here is the side I used for my temporary studio ; )

Lucky for me, dad had one long table and an old card table.  Just perfect!  I brought my Singer Featherweight with me, along with my tool box which contain the basic things I need.  Here are some pictures.

I also bring my composition notebook where I keep all my notes on projects, my small pressing board, one of my smaller cutting mats and some basic tools.  The only item I borrowed from dad was his iron ; )  He never uses it anyway.

This is my box of Singer attachments.  I use them on the Featherweight and also for the 15-91 at the beach.  I keep them all together so I am never without the attachment I need. 

Well, that’s about it….the projects are all kept in clear plastic bins from Wal-Mart and I can keep sewing all summer…wherever I go…

How about you?
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