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My dil was supposed to have her baby shower today, but it had to be cancelled.  I was so sad for her, she was going to travel home to NC from GA to see all of her high school and college friends and celebrate her first baby.  I sent her a package with a few of the gifts I had planned for the shower.  It is supposed to arrive today.  One of the gifts is a receiving blanket I made using the Anna Maria Horner voile.  Everyone always talks about how buttery soft this fabric is-and they are right.  It feels like silk.  I understand now why there were so many scarves made with it.  Well, I wanted to make something that the baby would use right away with this wonderful fabric.  I chose to make a couple of receiving blankets with the voile on one side and AMH Folksy Flannel on the other.  I didn’t want to make the blanket too complicated, so I used large pieces from several of the prints.  I made them approximately 36 ” by 36″ and rounded the corners.  I finished them with a top stitch around the edge and did not do anything to the center (such as any type of quilting).

Here they are:

I also sent along this dining chair cover made with some Sandi Henderson Ginger Blossom from this post.  Along with some burpies from this post and a couple of store bought items.  I hope this will perk up the new mom to be and hopefully she will look forward to the shower she will be having in GA in mid-May. 

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While snooping around blogland before Christmas, I came upon this site which had some cookies in a jar for Santa.  The labels were cute and I thought it would be a great idea for gifts.  This particular blog also referenced the original idea from Bakerella with some cowgirl / cowboy cookies.  So, I decided to give every cookie nibbler in the family their own jar.  I gave them the opportunity to  request the cookies be made for them whenever they had a craving.  I thought about labeling them Cookies on Demand”…but that seemed a little too brash, so I settled for Cookies by Request.”

The candies in the picture above are actually purple, although they look blue in the photo.  The websites mentioned above both gave out copies of their labels for free, but I needed to something of my own because I was switching up the theme.  I  found this site from HP after googling canning jar labels.  I chose the pastel set.  Here is the back label with the assembly and baking directions on the label.  I copied these from the website mentioned above since the baking directions were identical.

This is what I came  up with for most of my family.  I decided to include who would make the cookies for each person on the top label of the jar.

My son’s girlfriend doesn’t really cook or bake, so this is the label I made for him.

Here is a re-cap of my process…first, I went to Wal-Mart for my Thanksgiving food shopping and found pink and purple M&Ms sold separately.  They were about $4 per container and each container had enough candies for 2 jars.  These were given to the girls.  For the boys I just used a regular bag of M&M candies. 

I also went to Michaels and purchased the Ball Jars with smooth sides (so the labels would stick better)  and some 2 sided tape (as per the directions from the Bakerella blog). 

I began assembling.  I happen to own a canning funnel and used this to pour the ingredients into the jars.  I had purchased the last 6 smooth jars from Michaels and had to supplement with a couple of wide-mouth canning jars that I had in my pantry (you can see the bumps on the label on the far left jar). 

I learned that the packing of the brown sugar is what keeps the white from spilling all the way down the jar.  If you look at the two jars on the left, the first green label jar is a wide mouth where the white sugar slipped, the next is a small mouth jar where I put the white sugar first.  You can see how it is now covering the candies.  I gave these 2 less than perfect jars to a couple of the men in the family (I knew they didn’t really care what the layers looked like).  Well, they were a big success and hopefully they will taste as good as they look!

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Well, my husband’s brother and his wife planned a 30th anniversary celebration over Labor Day weekend.  We visited with them a couple of weeks before the event  weekend and so I made my first bunting for them to bring to their Fripp Island anniversary celebration.  I apologize that I have photos of the process and not the final product.  Perhaps I can get a picture sent to me and I will add it so you can see just how cute this turned out!

Managed to get photos of the finished banner, so I am adding it into the post:

At first I was going to make a bunting with solid fabrics and spell out happy 30th anniversary.  But then I realized I would make something that they could only use one time.  So, I went shopping for some beach/nautical fabrics and chose to make a more generic bunting that they could use anytime they went to the beach (the usually go to Fripp Island at least 1x per year) or it could also be used at the lake house or really anywhere.  I found this fabric line called {By the Sea} and  started making my triangles.

I had to work hard to trim the points close and I also made a notch on either side.  I used a fat bamboo knitting needle to help get the point looking good when I turned them inside out.  Then I chose to topstitch each triangle because it will help them to hang better once they are put up.

 I chose to make the bunting reversible, so that if it was hung in a window or archway it would look good on both sides.  I will say that all those triangles became somewhat tedious, but worth it in the end. 

I started with a 6 inch line, found the middle of the line at 3 inches and marked it.  Then I drew a line 8 inches perpendicular from the 3 inch mark.  Then I just connected the ends of the 6 inch line with the bottom of the perpendicular line.  I used a .25 inch seam to sew aroung the sides.  I basically followed the “Festive Flag Banners” article by Sue Ainsley in the book One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins.  Some of the fabric had light houses and I sort of fussy cut those pieces.  I also ended up with a few singles, so I chose to use those for the reverse side of the fussy cut light houses. 

For one of the buntings, I made my own bias tape, but it was tedious and not so rewarding.  I went out and purchased some packaged double fold bias tape and it worked fine.  It is not as thick or substantial as the one I made, but certainly much easier. 

Now my daughter wants to know why I didn’t make one for the girl’s birthdays….some people are never happy  ; )
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I was in Barnes & Noble while I was down at the beach and after debating which book I wanted to go home with…it chose this one.  It has 101 projects plus an additional 5 because it was purchased via B & N.  I am going to use it as a reference for making some of my Christmas gifts.  Each project only requires one yard of fabric, so I am hoping it will help me from purchasing too much fabric.  Many times I buy way more than I need (perhaps secretly hoping to add to my stash pile).

If you are starting to think about Christmas gifts, check out this book.  It has been out for a while, so maybe your public library has a copy???
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