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I purchased a few yards of knit fabric at the Hobby Lobby in Georgia and mixed it with a couple of tank tops from the Carter’s Outlet. I think these are so cute, useful in an everyday kinda way and comfortable. All in all I spent 45 minutes at the most putting them together.

I started out measuring the girls…this was a very unscientific measuring…I simply put the tape measure at their shoulders and tried to see where I would want the fullness of the dress to be.  I ended up choosing to place the skirt a bit lower than their waist.  I didn’t want the fullness (and the serger stitches) to be too close to their waist where it might feel scratchy.  Then I measured from that point to a place below their knees where I wanted the skirt to end.  I added one inch to the skirt measurement and started cutting.

I cut the skirt fabric the entire width of the knit, which in this case was approx. 42 inches.  Next, I used my new gathering foot and gathered the top of each skirt and then sewed the seam to make a tube of sorts.  I also  marked the four equal distances of the tube to insure even distribution of the skirt to match up with the center front and back-plus the side seams of the tank tops.  First I attached the skirt to the top using a zig-zag stitch, I also stretched the top a bit to make everything fit.  Once the skirt was attached and I was happy with it, I serged around the seam.

My Bernina has a visible hem stitch for knits and this is what I used for the hem.  The only drawback to this stitch is that once you reach your point of origin on the hem…the stitching shows quite a bit.  Next time, I think I will stop the jersey stitch once I make the circumference of the skirt and use a regular straight stitch to finish and secure the hem.

Well, the girls seemed very happy and I was able to get a few photos of them wearing the dresses.  I have two more knits from Hobby Lobby to make additional dresses.  I hope you try this if you do any sewing for girls.  It was super easy, comfortable for the girls- and it is a very quick way to have matching outfits for photos, events or reunions!

Here are my remaining pics:

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I have been purchasing lots of fabric by Heather Bailey, Anna Maria Horner and Sandi Henderson.  Farmer’s Market, Bijoux and Pop Garden are great prints for making dresses and since the price of cotton is rising, I wanted to take advantage of yardage that was still under $10 per yard.  Here is most of my current stash.

Since my daughter is not a big fan of candy for the Easter baskets, I have tried to make other things to put  into the girl’s  baskets.  This year I wanted to make some more dresses for them.  I was able to cut out 6 dresses in sizes 2T and 4T.  I have several patterns that I have not tried yet, such as the Anna Wrap dress from Farbenmix, a Macy Giggles dress pattern from Izzy and Ivy, and the pattern you see completed in this post, Isabel from Modkid Botique.  I put together some fabrics that I thought were very summery and fun. This pattern had very clear instructions and was easy to assemble.  I appreciated the way the instructions gave options for finishing the dress, depending on your type of machine(s).  Because I am spending part of my Easter vacation down at the beach, I was able to take some pictures by the dunes. 

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